The Champs Official Raffle


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Amazon $25 Gift Card

We like to give gamers a chance to win

We do not only want to give gamers the experience and opportunity to win money in matches and tournaments. We give gamers a chance to win other prizes. Every two weeks The Champs has a raffle for tangible prizes of the interests of all gamers.

How do I join?

Sign up for a free account to be placed in a raffle bucket. When the time comes to draw from the bucket, we select one lucky gamer.

Can I increase my chances to win?

Ofcourse! Users can increase their chances to win the raffle prize by doing the following:

How do I know if I win?

After the raffle winner is named, we send a notification to the user on the website and we will contact them to their email as well.

How do I know how many tickets I have?

The account info page shows the number of tickets a user has. *NOTE: the winner of the raffle has their number of tickets set back to 0.